Completed Projects: Commercial

Low Energy Office (Block E4/5) and Ministry of Health (Block E1)

Completed in 2003

This is a Design and Build project awarded to PPC as part of the development comprising Block E1 and E4/5 in Putrajaya.

For this project, PPC was tasked to meet the client’s requirement of an energy efficient and low environmental impact building in Putrajaya. This is to achieve the ultimate goal of an optimum design through effective building space utilization, human comfort, energy efficient and minimum maintenance of mechanical and electrical systems for a modern office building.

The 6-storey high LEO building was designed for the Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water, resembling a showcase building for energy efficient and low environmental impact in the country.

Highlights of the building is the atrium where it is naturally lit and ventilated by a glazed roof and internal landscaping water feature for evaporative cooling of this space. This building was also built to meet the Malaysian Standard MS 1525 of attaining an energy consumption of 135 kWh/m² per year or lower. The building currently recorded an energy consumption of close to 100 kWh/m2 per year. This energy index is lower than a typical new office building in Malaysia (energy index between 200 – 300 kWh/m² per year).

Block E1 is part of the Design and Built project award to PPC for the development of E1 and E4/5 (Low Energy Office) in Putrajaya.

  • Client :
    Putrajaya Holdings Sdn Bhd
  • Architect / Consultant :
    E1 – RSP Arkitek
    E4/5 – SNO Architects Sdn Bhd


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